Paving stone

Paving stone

Nature and characteristics of pavers Pavers

are a building material with many advantages - strength and resistance to all external influences and at the same time look a little different from the typical poured asphalt.

They are characterized by: High resistance to moisture and water; High load resistance; Rough structure, reminiscent of the natural appearance of nature; Affordable price;

Variety in terms of color and size; Low maintenance and others. All concrete elements, including pavers, are extremely resistant to large flows of people, cars and other types of cargo. Therefore, they are sought after and more applicable in public space, but many homeowners decide to combine the material with other stone slabs for cladding and flooring - gneiss, limestone, travertine, glitz, marble, granite and even decorative stones in the same color. This means that they can easily fit into almost any style and design solution.

Roads - stones for paths and roads

Types of pavers Pavers are a relatively rough surface, but they "speak" of eternity, antiquity and order. In terms of their appearance, they are universal. With a little more creativity and imagination, however, you can create a real landscape on a surface - with the shape and completeness of the details. In the collection of SIM 2007 you will find pavers with a rich color range, which actually leave the impression of a more broken and interesting design. They can be made of different materials. We offer the following types of pavers: pavers of red basalt paving black basalt paving stones of red sandstone gray pavers of sandstone granite pavers black pavers popular red pavers white limestone pavers yellow pavers paving yellow sandstone gray pavers granite curbs cut granite curbs In addition to the variety of color palette, we offer several sizes of pavers to choose from and buy exactly what you need: 5/5 5/10 6/8 8/10 10/20 The size of the pavers is essential because they can create a visual impression of a greater length or width of the sidewalk, alley, pavement, etc., ie. paving is not to be neglected. If you are unsure how to proceed, seek professional advice, and we can also assist you in this regard. The products originate from Turkey and Bulgaria, but all of them meet the requirements for high class materials, with a minimal option for a defective product. Application Despite the abundance of other modern materials, pavers remain eternal, and their use is popular from the distant past to the present day. They are also found in very rich shades that can satisfy every requirement and preference for color. They are mainly used for: Park construction; public areas - sidewalks, curbs, paving stones and others; are also used in some private homes - houses, villas, etc. With better quality pavers, which offer different sizes and color choices, allow you to create remarkable paths, alleys and courtyards. Unique figures can be depicted in combination with other natural stones, so you will not go wrong if you bet on the paving stones for the yard. Generally speaking, if you decide to make any floor covering - whether a small alley or all the way, then pavers are the right solution.

Prices SIM 2007 specializes in the sale, supply and installation of natural stones for facades and flooring - in the country and abroad. As market leaders, we can offer you competitive prices and advise you on the choice of pavers - for the required quantity and method of installation. It is important for us not just to buy natural stones from us and to make a deal, but to successfully implement your project on a budget. In our online store, you can see our complete collection of pavers of tuna, as well as pavers shaped on a granite curb. Visit our "Products" page. The prices for pavers and granite borders are also shown on the site, so you can calculate what it will cost you to finish the floor of the outdoor space. We sell pavers per ton, so we can't give you prices per square pavers. Only granite curbs are available in number. The final price for the products we offer depends on the required quantity and the model you choose. Take advantage of our service of manual processing of the material, with the desired shape and size of your project. Contact us to request the required amount of marble. You can order with direct delivery, at preferential partner prices and discounts. We accept retail and wholesale orders. We will try to deliver the ordered goods to the address as soon as possible. Why buy from us? Natural stones for cladding and flooring offer an abundance of sizes, colors and designs. SIM 2007 has a large warehouse, where we strive to maintain a large and diverse range of pavers suitable for use in many areas. Choosing to make a purchase from us, retail or wholesale, you will receive: pavers and granite curbs of excellent quality; a wide variety of products; affordable paving prices; quick service; free professional recommendation; manual processing of products with the desired shape and size; delivery to an address, as well as installation if necessary; We will be happy to help you with the selection of strong and beautiful stone slabs for your future project. Each cladding and flooring exudes character and emphasizes a specific style, taste and preferences. Pavers are one of the strongest and most durable materials, so they deserve special attention. You have probably already convinced yourself of their properties and advantages, but in case you are interested in additional information - contact our employee. You could contact us by phone, make an inquiry by e-mail or visit us on the spot - in Sofia, 125 Okolovrasten Pat Str. SIM 2007 company is at your disposal for orders, delivery, installation, manual processing or professional consultation for cladding and flooring of natural stones. Contact us if you are hesitant about the type of stone, the quantity or you want to discuss your views on the project! We work for you and in your interest!