Nature and characteristics of glycine Natural glitz

stone is a material whose surface has been broken off in order to reveal a more interesting rough and embossed layer. Creating this effect is one of the most characteristic features of glycine, which is usually difficult to achieve outside of nature. Glitz stone is still battered gneiss.

The processing of such natural stones for cladding and flooring is done manually on the front side of the tile. On the other hand, the back is smoothly calibrated, which allows easy and quick installation. The models, which are edged with the effect of "hammered edges:", give a decorative look to each brick. The embossed facial appearance makes each pattern or shade of color stand out. Depending on the depth of the beating, the effect is weaker or more pronounced

Shaped stone glitz

Made in various earth tones, glitz stone slabs are a good solution for the repair of all kinds of private homes and buildings. Glitz flooring, as well as glitz cladding reveal an unsurpassed natural beauty, which leaves behind a sense of good taste, class and strong aesthetics. Glitz slabs are characterized by the following features: have an exceptional appearance due to its uneven thickness, three-dimensional surface and the uniqueness of each tile; give texture to the surface; easy way to combine with other details, colors, sizes and stones; long life, thanks to the strength of glycine; wide application; resistance to moisture and heat; affordable price; Regarding the placement of the wall, the facing stone can be glued tightly - without a joint or with a joint. The assessment depends entirely on the client's aesthetic preferences. It is more important to achieve equal distances between the tiles, for which purpose limiters must be used. In this way, the desired uniform symmetry is achieved. It is good to emphasize the good preparation of the base. Stone slabs must be very well washed and the surface must be primed precisely. The aim is to avoid the leakage of dust particles during gluing. For a perfect finish, always clean the remaining cement mortar or grout in time (before and after grouting). It is appropriate to use a wire brush. If you follow all these conditions, you will achieve a perfect finish with an amazing view.

Types of glycine The types of glitz differ mainly in the appearance and size of the plates. Natural stones such as limestone, marble, travertine and others are also subject to glycine treatment. Each model has its own individuality, properties and characteristics. The choice of the client depends on various factors, such as the area of ​​the site, personal taste preferences, place of application, as well as a certain budget. In the SIM 2007 website you will find a wide range of glitz products, at good prices and with high quality. Some of the glyc coatings we offer are: Travertine night glitz, classic travertine glitz, white and silver travertine glitz, travertine split face, travertine bricks; Glitz marble - white, red, yellow, Egyptian marble; Glitz limestone, Vratsa limestone glitz, Egyptian limestone, brick limestone; Glitz pyramids. With glitz, sized stone slabs, prepare for many beautiful and stylish proposals that are suitable for even the most sophisticated design. Application Glitz cladding and glitz flooring look perfect and are suitable for almost any design of the home, villa, garden, etc. Their widest application today is for interior and exterior cladding, while in the past this type of base treatment was used mainly in the rustic style. There are relatively many suggestions where you could use glitz: