River stone

River stone

Nature and characteristics

River stone is an eternal material that creates a constant feeling of closeness to nature, to a river or stream. Thoroughly recreated, it has the important function of capturing the essence of the river rock. It endows each object with its characteristic and naturally rounded shapes. Natural stones are preferred in private and private buildings, when designing the interior and exterior. For our latitudes, stone cladding or river stone flooring is not something modern, but rather natural. It is part of our architecture and way of life. The application of any stone or natural wood will be part of architectural projects for many years to come. In terms of characteristics, river stone has properties similar to other natural stones - limestone, gneiss, travertine, glitz, marble, granite and others: strength and endurance of any external influences; beautiful vision; variety in size and color; resistance to moisture, water and high heat; easy maintenance; fire resistance; environmental friendliness.

Types and applications of river stone

Types of river stone Behind the common name "river stone" is actually quite a variety of material, in terms of design. We offer both typical round stones for cladding, flooring and decoration, and those with larger sizes and coarser, type of rocky stones. Here is what you will find in the collection of SIM 2007 of such a popular and preferred river stone: River stone cladding; River stone balls; River stone steps - small and large; Forest decorative stones: Moreni large river stone; Rock corner rocks; Decorative gray stone for rock garden; See more in our product catalog, in the category "River stone". River stone can be classified according to shades and sizes. According to the color - beige, brown, gray, white. According to the dimensions - 5/10 cm with a plate thickness of 1.5-2.5 cm, with material dimensions 15/25 cm the thickness of the plate should be 3 -5 cm, with a size of 25/60 cm the thickness of the plate is 4/6 cm, and the decorative gray stone for rock garden has a free length, the thickness of the slab varies from 10/20/30/40 Thanks to the abundance of shapes, sizes and shades in the earth range, you can give a very different style in interior and exterior furniture. A combination of several different types of river stone would be a great solution. If you have difficulty in choosing, we are here for any questions! Application Natural stones are a gift from nature, and as a bonus - suitable for many different projects. Whether you are emphasizing stone cladding, stone paving or decorative accents, the decision would be the right one. With our river stone cladding you will feel how the water floats on the surface. On the other hand, a river stone path would look just as perfect. The vast application of rounded river stone is well known, but we will still give you some specific ideas from which you could benefit. Exterior layout with river stones: Exterior cladding - if you want the exterior of your home to be distinguished by style and charm, boldly choose natural river stone, and why not gneiss, travertine, limestone or other type of stone. Aesthetics and style are embedded in these materials, so you can also combine several colors or several different stones in the wall cladding. Rock garden - they are increasingly common among Bulgarian gardens. They allow the landscape designer to develop even his wildest imagination. Arrangement with river stone in the yard of a house - many beautiful river stone paths can be easily and quickly formed, which will give additional charm to the outdoor space. Create a Japanese garden - their typical design includes sand and small river pebbles.

Interior design of river stone: River stone flooring - an extremely popular solution that keeps up with fashion design trends. The charm of natural materials remain its charm forever in the room paved with river stone. Fireplace cladding - a slightly different solution that could complement the comfort, tranquility and warmth of the home. There is nothing more natural looking than a fireplace surrounded by flat river stones. Bonding river stone is relatively easy, and after proper placement, it will guarantee you eternal life. Prices SIM 2007 specializes in the sale, supply and installation of natural stones for facades and flooring - in the country and abroad. As market leaders, we can offer you competitive prices and advise you on choosing any materials we offer in our online store. We guarantee that you will receive useful professional recommendations on the type and size of stones or slabs for the implementation of your project. The size of the river stone varies according to its type, and hence the thickness of the slab turns gray. All products are of Bulgarian origin. The final price for the products depends on the required amount of stone and the model you have chosen. Take advantage of our service of manual processing of the material, with the desired shape and size of your project. For any questions about our products and for inquiries, contact us directly! Why buy from us? Natural stones are timeless, and can participate in many different designs - classic, modern, vintage, as well as for various landscapes. SIM 2007 has a large warehouse, where we maintain a wide range of stone slabs for cladding and flooring, as well as for decoration. We believe that every object or element needs the right materials to look elegant, and we can provide them for you. Choosing to make a purchase from us, retail or wholesale, you will receive: river stone of excellent quality; variety with which you can shape your object in the way you want; affordable prices for river stone; quick service; professional recommendation; manual processing of products with the desired shape and size; delivery to an address, as well as installation if necessary; We will be happy to help you with the choice of natural stones for cladding, flooring and decorations. River stone is popular in construction and architecture and is one of the most preferred natural stones. It deserves high praise, and investing in it would be fully justified. Contact us to request the required amount and model of river stone. You can order with direct delivery at preferential partner prices and discounts. We work with retail and wholesale customers.