Decorative stone

Decorative stone

Nature and characteristics

The decorative stone is noticeable. It impresses "every eye" from afar. Its beauty fascinates even the least familiar with natural stones. It radiates beauty, rarity and is characterized by high durability. Each stone is unique in nature and carries pure energy. Like gemstones, natural decorative stones also have a symbolism that will be offered in the interior or exterior. No matter where you place the material, it will forever adorn the floor, wall, fountain, garden, fireplace, etc. That is why it is such a desired and sought-after accent in almost every home and garden. In terms of characteristics, decorative stone has properties similar to other natural stones - limestone, gneiss, travertine, wicker, marble, granite and others. Here they are: good performance properties; Gallery Products resistance to any temperature changes - withstand and do not change their colors and appearance both in heat and in cold and frost; resistance to moisture and water; can look elegant in any smaller or larger projection; variety of shapes and colors; unique design of each stone; environmentally friendly product; easy maintenance; long life. The decorative stones we have selected for you have interesting colors that are easily applicable for the garden, home or public places, but also impress with their uniqueness.

Types and application of decorative stone

Types of decorative stone Decorative natural stone brings a charm that very few materials can boast. It stands naturally and creates an environment close to nature and its givens. We, from SIM 2007, offer you a wide range of decorative stone - with different looks, sizes and colors. We guarantee that with us every client will find what he "likes". The richness of the decorative stone is great, and we have selected the most impressive models. Here is what you will find in our collection of the so popular and preferred stone for decorations: black lava and red lava; red spaghetti and green spaghetti; wooden stone; onyx; Moonstone; meteor; dragon's eye; pipe stone; crystal angel; stripe onyx. All products are of Turkish origin and are available in sizes 10/20 cm and 20/40 cm., Sold per ton or in number, depending on the model. The surface of the decorative stone is rough, on some models with dents, but each stone looks different, similar to those you would find in nature. Different types of stones have different shades and finishes (glossy or matte). The palette varies rather in earthy and warm tones - brown, white, beige, green, red, gray. We strive to offer more models with high quality products to find the right solution for your project. There are countless ideas in which you can include decorative stone - it all depends on your personal intentions and idea of ​​the end result. Application The abundance of decorative stones makes them widely applicable in many different projects of interior designers, landscape specialists and others. Here are our suggestions on where you could install decorative stone in different shapes: Decorative stone for interior: decorative stone for a wall or part of it, for the purpose of accentuation; decorative stones for decoration in the living room, bathroom, porch, hallway and others; arranging aquariums; creation of household floor coverings; wall cladding; Decorative stone for exterior: wall cladding; decorative stone for the garden - design of floor coverings (alleys, paths all over the floor); sticking around a fountain in the yard or garden; delineation of an outdoor area for relaxation and recreation; forming a "vase" in the garden, in the middle of which there is a flower bed; If you look closely, you will notice that decorative stone is much more common than you think. It is suitable for a number of open spaces, but also participates in many design projects. It impresses with its looks and at the same time combines easily with other materials and furniture. Achieve perfection in interior and exterior design by betting on a quality, modern and interesting solution. All natural slabs, stones and panels are suitable for this purpose.

Prices SIM 2007 specializes in the sale, supply and installation of natural stones for facades and flooring - in the country and abroad. As market leaders, we can offer you competitive prices and advise you on choosing a decorative stone - for home, villa, private projects, public places and more. We hold the personal connection with our clients and guarantee that you will receive personal attention from us, as well as useful professional recommendations. We know very well the materials we offer and we can be useful with your choice. It is important for us not only to buy from us, but to remain satisfied and together we can meet your expectations for style, design and budget. Browse our collection of stone slab products for cladding and flooring, as well as decorative stones. We guarantee that we can meet your every requirement and preference. Make an inquiry for a specific model and quantity of decorative stone to give you an up-to-date, accurate and specific offer. Contact us by phone, email or visit us on site. In addition to natural stones, we also offer a service of manual processing of the material, with the desired shape and size according to your project. Contact us for a request to receive the necessary materials as soon as possible. You can order with direct delivery, at preferential partner prices and discounts. We work with retail and wholesale customers. Why buy from us? Decorative stone is a gift from nature. Both in the past and today, he is revered by designers and landscape designers. The whole variety of species radiates a magnetism, charm and accentuated detail. Every project needs a good idea and the insertion of an interesting accent in the interior or exterior, and with decorative stones this can be achieved. We have a huge warehouse, where we maintain a wide range of all our products. Do not miss the opportunity to decorate a room, garden or other element. Choosing to make a purchase from us, retail or wholesale, you will receive: decorative stone of excellent quality; the variety you need; affordable prices; quick service; professional recommendation; manual processing of products with the desired shape and size; delivery to an address, as well as installation if necessary; Decorative stone is always a good solution - it has high value and radiates incomparable beauty. It can be complemented perfectly with round decorative stones of the same color. We will be happy to help you with your personal project. Trust us!