Nature and characteristics of limestone

Natural limestone has been popular since the past, when it was found many times as a material in architecture. It is still preferred by designers to this day. For this reason, it is present in many different styles, such as part of the facade of houses, exterior curbs, exterior flooring and more. The limestone bears the sacred name "the stone of life". By choosing it as a material in the construction process, you can "revive" any site.

The stone is formed by the fusion and impact of debris, coral, shells and other marine organisms under the sea. Its appearance dates back hundreds of millions of years. It is finally formed by the constant collision and extrusion of bark of many different colors. That is why it can be found in its crane form in many different shades.

Limestone types and application

Like other stone slabs for cladding and flooring, limestone has the following characteristics: good performance properties for certain types of work - crushed limestone has low strength and allows perfect sealing, which, in practice, makes it an ideal material for creating a dense base; resistance to low temperatures, even frost; resistance to large temperature extremes; environmental friendliness - radioactive indicators of limestone are quite low, which makes the material completely safe; more affordable than other natural stones. Types of limestone Limestone slabs are available in many different colors and textures. Therefore, two main classifications can be distinguished: according to the color - white limestone, beige limestone, yellow limestone, brown limestone, light gray. There are also more interesting models, such as white-pink and white-yellow palettes. according to the surface structure - matt, limestone with a smooth surface and others. In the product range of "SIM 2007" you will find a wide range of limestone slabs: polished limestone slabs; limestone decorative masonry and solid masonry; limestone glitz; limestone bricks; antique and rustic models; ready sills and steps; decorative corners for masonry. Application The application of limestone is as wide as the imagination of the owner or designer who designs the exterior or interior. The material can fit perfectly into any classic, antique or modern style - in your home, villa, commercial premises, as well as in any other outdoor space. If you are wondering where it is appropriate to add limestone flooring, cladding or decoration, there is no right or wrong answer. Although the universal white color is not widely available, the material can look very different, creating different "landscapes". This is an even better option because you can combine design, and white is a universal solution. Here are some specific suggestions where you could use limestone: in interior layouts - for a beautiful accent, such as cladding on an entire wall or column, in the bathroom, living room, hallway and others. Another idea is the presence of the material in various public and private premises, for a more broken style - offices, shops, restaurants. in the exterior - fences, for cladding an entire building or wall, glitz columns, verandas, limestone curbs, alleys, corner layouts, ready-made limestone steps, etc.

Natural stone is a gift from nature, whose beauty is enriched by hand processing to be used in construction. There is no better solution than to enjoy the beauty and durability of this timeless material. Once investing in the installation of such products, they develop their charm and allure. The lining of columns and walls with limestone looks like natural masonry. The floor coverings radiate a natural gift. The advantages of the material are many, but most of all, no matter what style you choose, you can certainly achieve a perfect result. A good master can play with shapes and colors, and then uniqueness, style and elegance are achieved. The application of limestone is where you decide! Be bolder to enjoy unsurpassed charm! We are your partners! Call us now! Prices The price range of limestone varies widely. The final price is determined depending on the model and the required quantity. Overall, these natural stones are some of the most affordable on the market. Limestone deposits in Bulgaria are large, our products are also of Bulgarian origin. There are several options for the type of products we sell - limestone steps are sold in number, skirting boards and decorative corners for masonry per linear meter, and other products are per square meter. SIM 2007 specializes in the sale, supply and installation of natural stones for facades and flooring - in the country and abroad. As market leaders, we can offer you competitive prices and advise you on choosing some of our materials. As a bonus, we will give you professional recommendations on the type and size of products for the implementation of your project. See what a rich collection of limestone we offer on our "Products" page. The size of natural limestone varies, so you are sure to find the right bricks, tiles, steps or individual decorative accents. The final price for the products depends on your needs! Take advantage of our service of manual processing of the material, with the desired shape and size according to your project. Do not hesitate and make an inquiry to us for a personal offer! Why buy from us? The world of natural stones is vast, with their variety that betrays unsurpassed beauty. Limestone is highly preferred in the course of construction activities - mainly for outdoor use. We have a huge warehouse, where we maintain a wide range of limestone, which can create the perfect look for a wall, floor or other type of foundation. Choosing to make a purchase from us, retail or wholesale, you will receive: limestone material of excellent quality; the variety you need; affordable prices for limestone; quick service; professional recommendation; manual processing of products with the desired shape and size; delivery to an address, as well as installation if necessary; We will be happy to help you with your personal project. Limestone stone slabs for cladding and flooring are a good solution - they deserve to be included in various designs. They have a number of advantages, so bet on this product to create perfect details, finishes or flooring.