Green gneiss handmade 20L

Green gneiss handmade 20L


Code: 1593
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Width: 1,5-2 cm
Yields from: Гоце Делчев
Material: Gniess
Size: Free length
Country: Bulgaria
Color: Green
the product is available Square meter

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Blue-green gneiss hand-cut 20L. The product is available in free length and the thickness of the slab is 1.5 cm - 2 cm. The hand-hewn slabs create a unique landscape, whether you use them in the home, for the yard or the sidewalk. Choose gneiss stone for cladding to enjoy a timeless and durable look. SIM2007 - natural gneiss stone at top prices in Sofia. Order from us - fast and secure delivery to your address. Large stocks and lower prices for distributors and builders. Welcome to our warehouse - Sofia, 125 Okolovrasten Path St.

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