Green gnaiss Standard

Green gnaiss Standard


Code: 152
Price: € 7,67
Width: 1,5-2 sm
Yields from: Гоце Делчев
Material: Gniess
Size: Unformed
Country: Bulgaria
Color: Green
Price without VAT:
the product is available Square meter

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Any column or wall that does not look attractive can take on a completely different look if it is faced with natural gneiss stone. With green gneiss on large and unshaped slabs, you can easily and quickly hide imperfections and add an accent to your home or garden. The material has a relatively easy installation scheme, with exceptional strength and resistance to any external influences. The green gneiss model has an interesting design and unobtrusive shades that fit well with the traditional colors - white, brown and gray. SIM2007 - large stock of natural gneiss stone, variety of designs and competitive prices! Top quality and fast delivery.

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