Gneiss beige handmade 10L

Gneiss beige handmade 10L


Code: 1691
Price: € 17,90
Width: 1,5-2 sm
Yields from: Гоце Делчев
Material: Gniess
Size: Free length
Country: Bulgaria
Color: Beige
Price without VAT:
the product is available Square meter

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Beige gneiss hand hammered 10 L has a free length and has a slab thickness of 1.5 cm - 2 cm. The product is available per square meter. The beige color is a universal choice for any home, garden, villa, pool, square, etc. The attractive look of gneiss slabs with chiseled edges gives an additional accent to any work - gneiss floor, gneiss walls, gneiss cladding. Bulgarian gneiss at good prices and high quality - SIM 2007 - everything you are looking for, you will find it with us! Large stocks of a variety of natural stones for cladding and flooring. .

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