White travertine plate set UF / CHIS / BR

White travertine plate set UF / CHIS / BR


Code: 344
Price: € 25,56
Width: 1.2 cm
Material: Travertine
Country: Turkey
Color: Beige
Color: White
Price without VAT:
Цената може да варира спрямо количеството:
the product is available Square meter

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СеSet of white travertine slabs UF / CHIS / BR, slabs with hammered edges. The set has a size of 0.75 m2 and includes:

2 pcs - 20cm x 20cm

1 pc - 20cm x 40cm

2 pcs - 40cm x 40cm

1 pc -60cm x 40cm


The product is stored in large quantities in the SIM2007 warehouse. Address: Sofia 125 Okolovrasten Pat Str Special prices for distributors and construction companies.

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