Paving stones granite 8 cm / 10 cm

Paving stones granite 8 cm / 10 cm


Code: 832
Price: € 30,68
Material: Granite
Size: 8/10 cm
Country: Turkey
Color: Gray
Price without VAT:
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the product is available Square meter

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Granite pavements with a size of 8 cm / 10 cm Granite pavers are characterized by high wear resistance and strength, in the past they were the main material for the construction of roads, paths, pavements with high loads. As standard, this product is available in three, four sizes 5 cm 6 cm 8 cm 10 cm.


The product is stored in large quantities in the SIM2007 warehouse. Address: Sofia 125 Okolovrasten Pat Str Special prices for distributors and construction companies.

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