Green Angel pebbles 1/2


Code: 991
Price: € 7,67
Material: Marble
Size: 1/2 cm
Country: Turkey
Color: Green
Price without VAT:
the product is available Pieces

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The decorative stone green angel is 1 cm / 2 cm in size, made of strong and quality marble, mined in Turkey. The oval decorative stones are green, but each product has a different pattern, which creates an even more interesting accent. Colored decorative stones arouse interest due to the possibility to create a beautiful, playful and more broken design in the garden or in a number of public areas. The product is available in packages of 20 kg and can be combined perfectly with lawns in the yard, in parks, to fill around flower beds in the garden, to serve as flooring in front of the garage, etc. Decorative stones Green Angel are delicate and beautiful turquoise green stones suitable for decorating garden paths, rock corners, around trees and plants and more. The good thing about these stones is that they combine perfectly with the grass and do not need maintenance. They do not get dirty, do not absorb dust and dirt and are easily refreshed and cleaned in any rain. The small decorative stones can also be used to decorate home pots, arrange vases and more. About 2 bags x 20 kg each are needed to cover 1m2 of these stones with a thickness of 2/3 cm. Always available from SIM 2007 - market leader!

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